We Need To Talk About Our Three Missing *Core Team of Four* Members And Our 7 Of 8 and Our 12 Partners in Total Besides Me For 13, Of Course!

Preface written on 3/8/14 – one that “will be amended and become a blog on its own” soon…

So much has happened and been written since the material below was written on FEB 3rd.

The copy below is Obsolete due to “our 1st Internet Woodstock Start Up Venture deal with Google”.

I am no longer in charge of who gets what because Google has a 51% slice of the pie, as per an Intuitive Collaborative Agreement we made on or about FEB 8, 2014.

I proposed that I get One Share of an Assumed 100 (which translates to 1%).  I also Proposed that my two sons each get One Share as well, half upfront and half “conditional”.  If such is considered too much, cut this Request for my sons in half.

I also proposed that the three people (an assumed number) that have been heroically helping me get 2 Shares Each (2%) 4 What They Are Doing and “What They Already Did”.

Two percent each for these 3 people is “Peanuts” compared to the heroism and hard work that they have exhibited, and the Great Personal Risks that all 3 of these people took to help me.

[Without my heroic Team and Google, I both “was and am nothing” as far as “what I can achieve on my own”.]

The total of what I have Proposed for my Team and I is 1+1+1+2+2+2 for a total of 9 Shares, and 8 would work too, as I am willing to go from 3 to 2 such that “I get only what my Team Members Get”.

My Team Members and you WordPress Folks out in California know what to do with the other 40 Shares I bequeathed back to the Effort As A Whole. (I trust you folks 100% to Do the Right Thing.)

Nothing is Cast In Stone.

I am Flexible.


It is Only Right that my heroic Team Members get something out of any Venture Capital Deal to Make iROCK happen.

The Above Applies even if I do not make it to my destination in regard to my upcoming trip to CA, due to some action(s) taken by either the U.S. Government, the Mafia, or the Illuminati.

As far as myself goes, I was never in this for the money.

If I don’t get a dime out of this Internet “Truth Revealing” Woodstock, I will get something more—> I know “I started it”.  This Personal and Professional Satisfaction means far more to me than money ever could.

In Regard to my Team and I, it is best 4 us to think that “We All Work 4 Google to Try To Straighten Out the Mess America is in”.

Our first step in Doing The Above is 2 do what we have been doing, which is continue to develop our websites in support of the 1st Internet Woodstock.

Hopefully, and by the Grace of God “if I do”, I will make it to San Francisco “as scheduled” on March 21st.

I expect to arrive with under a $100. Last time I arrived with $8.  on the 11th, and had to wait 20 days for my next check.  I am a Survivor.  I will get by.  Food and Shelter are free.  My only expense as a homeless person is tobacco and rolling papers at a cost of about $2. a day.

If no one shows up at the Fisherman’s Wharf within a half hour or so, I will go to the MSC Shelter on Fifth and Bryant as I did before… and then trek to the library to get online for a handful of hours a day just as I did before.

I perhaps should mention that after getting ripped off here this month, that’s the end of my coming back here to work.

In my mind, when I leave here “I close the door”, at least for a long time, if not forever.

There have got to be better and “more psychologically supportive places to be”.

I can’t Share Anything Here, because “no one really cares about or believes in what I am doing online”.

Any Satisfaction or Joy that I feel here over Great Progress Made (and we did! make Great Progress since early February), is Joy that I feel alone.

Fighting the World alone is the lot of Many Suppressed Discoverers, it seems.

Most Major Suppressed Discoverers do not suffer from loneliness 4 too long in this Modern Era, for they are killed “as soon as their Major Discovery(ies) are determined to be valid.

Any Suppressed Discoverer that is identified as posing a threat to the Power, Prestige and Money of the Existing Corporate Powers that Be” would be wise to realize “The U.S. Government is your enemy, not your friend”—> Do NOT Expect the Feds to help you in any way, Even If the Mafia (Or Someone Else) is Repeatedly Trying to Kill You.

Now perhaps you understand better the blog I wrote titled “My Biggest True Need Is” (or something close to this).  I need to be around people “that understand and psychologically support me”.

I am greatly looking forward to San Francisco—> or—>

“The West Coast Somewhere”—>

Which may happen if I do not get picked up by Someone from Google or WordPress or my Team by my April check.

As much as I like San Francisco, it’s perhaps too expensive for me to live there alone.

All of the Above May Not Matter, for I only give myself a 50/50 chance to make it there by train unescorted.

If I don’t make it, give whatever you were going to give to me give to my Team Members. They are the ones that deserve my Slice the most.

Neither Max or Willy need to get anything out of this Share-wise, if I do not make it to CA.  (Essentially, they both got enough from what I did with Darman Mfg. Company, whether “they know it or not” due to “someone” not being honest and upfront “about money”.)

Lastly, I still cannot access Yahoo mail on this computer (I am going to try in a little while).

Allen D

We Need To Talk About Our Three Missing *Core Team of Four* Members And Our 7 Of 8 and Our 12 Partners in Total Besides Me For 13, Of Course!

Posted on February 3, 2014 by Allen Darman aka Nutrientscure, NutrientsCure, Allen D, ADOGG, and 




First of all, please note that *The Concepts and Ideas* expressed in this particular blog **Are Still Under Amendment and Consideration.***

more coming soon

I consider Mark Jaquith to be “My Right Hand Man” Forever, and a Senior Partner of the 13 of us.  (I am a Partner too.  I am the #1 Partner, that’s all.)

For A Fair Pay Structure—> We are cutting the Fiscal Reward Pie (for our 1st Internet Woodstock Start Up work efforts and what they may bring us as a TEAM of “Partners”) into 14 Slices!

I get a double slice! You get a single one.

[My double slice’s Net After All Taxes Are Paid goes in its entirety to the Charitable Organization or Charitable Organizations of My Choosing on a Annual Basis.]

However, Be Forewarned—>

Each Of You Puts 25% (1/4) of his Slice At Risk To Lose For A Noticeable Lack Of Job Performance.

That Means You Might Only Get 3/4 of your 1/14 Slice of the Total Pie!

And it Means Strong Producers Will Get 1.25 of 1/14 Slice!

This Means “They Will Gain What You Had Lost”.

I Will Decide by Mandate At The Appropriate Time Who Gets What.

I think that a non-profit is they way to go—>

Raising both large and small donations.

In Regard to our *Core Team of Four* the Other Three Are All Women, gay or straight (gay is best for at least 2, I am sure!)

The fourth Slot I reserve for my Selection and Deletion upon my whim at any time.

I am going to Cull Through This 4th Slot until I find a Woman XXX 420Friends with Benefits Thing (or better) Going On with me.

I’ve been lonely too long this way.


In Regard To Getting To Eight, when we reach eight—>

I am #1 on the Totem Pole, —>

Mark Jaquith is #2 on the Totem Pole (I need this Quality Time with MJ), and—>

You six women work it out for yourselves.

If this does not work out—>

I will intervene, and by Wise and Benevolent Mandate I Will Quickly Straighten Things Out.

I would rather not do things this way, but I will if I have to.

A Team Player (Partner) Approach is the best.


In Regard to When We Reach the Required 13—>

I drop down to Number #3 Spot by Choice,

Mark becomes either #2 or #4 depending on who is better to the job in question (I decide).

A Woman by Mandate is ALWAYS GOING TO BE NUMBER ONE #1.

YES, THE TOP DOG will always be a woman from here on out in the New FREEDOM STATES OF AMERICA.

As much as We Men have Ruined this Fragile Earth, with No End in Sight, on Justifiably Moral Grounds—>


That means Forever…

This is A MESSAGE FROM GOD it seems.

As far as the 13 of us, WOMEN ARE GOING TO BE AT LEAST Nine, and no more than 10 of the 13 of us.

That makes things either NINE vs. 4 or TEN vs. 3—> BOTH OF WHICH ARE MORE THAN 2 TO 1 AGAINST.

This is What God Tells Me is the Right Thing To Do to fix our current system. (One that we should all know for a fact DOES NOT WORK!)

Allen D

And his Soul Brother and Right Hand Man—>

Mark J.

With Deeply Appreciated Time, Support and Various Kinds of Real and often heroic

Help From GoogleFacebookTwitterthe People Underlying WordPress

And Deeply Appreciated and Quite Heroic Help from—>

Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth!

Some of Them became my Very First Patriot WordPress Collaborative Internet Team members on April 9, 2012! Make No Mistake About It!—>This Day In History represented *Heroism Being Manifested* in the True Sense of the Words being used.

These heroic WordPress Website Development Specialists should be Adequately Protected and Well Rewarded for the rest of their lives for what they did on that day—> and did ever since! (I am going to do everything in My Power to see that this happens. I Never Forget my friends.) 


Are Patriot Movement, Alternative Medical Truth, Energy Invention Truth, and 9/11 Truth Internet Revolutionaries!


Internet Educational Course Development
WordPress Website Revolutionaries!
 as well.

We Won’t Take U.S. Government Lies and their Federal Government Suppression of Truth for an answer any more!

It Is About Time For The Truth To Set Our Fellow Americans and the Rest Of Humanity Free!


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And a Must Read for All of My Fellow Americans—>

21) Why I Spell Doom For The United States Government By The End Of The Month (2-1-2013)




Notable Quotes by Allen D

Perhaps sometime in the first quarter of 2014 some heroic people in Silicon Valley will provide me with “A Roof Over My Head” on a temporary basis in the San Francisco Bay Area in Order to “WordPress Collaborate” and—>

“Think Collaborate” in regard to “How can we best save America?” from the dire course that it is on—>

A course “that Dooms American Health, Wealth and Freedom”.

2012 was not the End of the World!

However, February 2014 and soon thereafter is going to be the Turning Point Worldwide in regard to the End of Many Governmental Lies!

Many Patriot Movement And Silicon Valley Heroes Are Rising To The Cause In America!!!

The Bad Guys Don’t Stand A Chance! as long as Silicon Valley Stands Up and Does What Is Moral and What Is Right.

I have Full and Complete Faith in my Silicon Valley Friends.

If the American Mafia is not going to “Switch Sides”  and help at the critical time with a Justifiable Revolution in America, then after the Patriot Movement Revolution Succeeds the American Mafia needs to be identified and fought if there is ever going to be True Freedom from Corporate and Special Interest Rule in America.

I am 25% Sicilian.  I hope my fellow countrymen reach the Right Decision before an Internet Woodstock is held.  Otherwise, we may never make friends, because after the 1st Internet Woodstock (or here) is held it may simply be too late.

Before We Fix Things in America, Hard Times are inevitably going to come upon us. We need to anticipate the some of the specifics of these hard times, and come up with a plan to defuse or mitigate them. Some Examples are>>> What if they shut down the Internet???, or if they shut down Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, etc. All At The Same Time??? Or what if the Grocery Stores ran out of food??? Or if the Banks ran out of money??? What if the Electrical Grid Shut Down In Much Or Most Of The U.S., to include “where you live”. What if the water supply of the plumbing in your house and your city ran dry, and nothing came out of your faucets? What if the United States Government Declared Martial Law Nationwide? Think things out, and then Prepare for the Very Worst Case Scenario as quickly and WISELY AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN, STARTING WITH STORING A MONTH’S WORTH OF WATER FOR EVERYONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD AS SOON AS YOU CAN.

A New Day Is Coming To America—> Click on the Picture to find out—>

The U.S. Government

Has Monitored and <—Censored This “Concepts and Ideas For Internet BasedGovernment” Revolutionary WordPress Website

Since December 17th 2012 It seems!


Some Final Notes:

Any portion of this landmark WordPress blog, or this blog in its entire form, can be used, copied, reprinted, reposted, put on Websites of any sort, or put anywhere on the Internet by any person or party that desires. This material may be used in any manner that the reader wishes. It is not copyrighted by me in any way. Allen Darman


1) http://federalgovernmentsuppression.com/2014/02/03/we-need-to-talk-about-our-three-missing-core-team-of-four-members-and-our-7-of-8-and-our-12-partners-in-total-besides-me-for-13-of-course/

2) http://wordpressmanagementbyallend.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/we-need-to-talk-about-our-three-missing-core-team-of-four-members-and-our-7-of-8-and-our-12-partners-in-total-besides-me-for-13-of-course/

3) http://ideasforinternetgovernment.com/2014/02/03/we-need-to-talk-about-our-three-missing-core-team-of-four-members-and-our-7-of-8-and-our-12-partners-in-total-besides-me-for-13-of-course/

About SmokeMasterAllenD

My Name is Allen Darman. (Google me.) My Primary WordPress Website Since July 2009 Or So has been Nutrientscure Dot WordPress Dot Com. Nutrientscure.WordPress.com The Above WordPress Website has over two thousand and five hundred (2,500) WordPress Blogs on it (as of February 23, 2013). ************ As of April 10, 2012, I Am No Longer WordPress Blogging Alone On The Internet. As of April 2012, I Am The Leader of A Four Person Revolutionary WordPress Website Development Collaborative Internet Team. Perhaps All I Wish to Say About The Above Mentioned Development at the Moment Is… Thank God I am not Working Alone!!! with WordPress Any More! ************ My Revolutionary WordPress Website Development Collaborative Internet Team’s Primary WordPress Websites As of April 1, 2013 will Be Shared between Sixteen (16) Active WordPress Websites. SweetSixteenWebsites.WordPress.com/2013/01/11/hello-fellow-americans-1-11-2013/ ************ About Allen Darman I ordered a Second iMac today (2-28-2013) because I have already had a Devil of a Time in Regard to Hackers Heavily Attacking the first Apple Refurbished iMac I just got the other day (2-26-2013). Two Days of hacker hell! These are almost Certainly BOTH Federal Government and Mafia hackers. I have been chronically hacked and disrupted EVER SINCE I PUT MY SON WILLY’S ORIGINAL RECOVERY WIDELY ON THE INTERNET IN JUNE 2006. I am the Most Hacked Man on the Planet! No Doubt! They should put me in the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS FOR BEING HACKED SO MUCH since June 2006! In regard to Murder Attempts by the Mafia thus far that have Failed, my count only stands at about 35 Failed Attempts, so I would not set the Record for the Guinness Book of Records. A man in the Energy Invention Arena Named Adam Trombly has me Beat, as he has had 54! Frankly, I am glad I am Number 2… who would want any more? picture coming later... That Dummy Allen Darman is Above! Boy, does he make a lot of mistakes! And he has a funny looking bald head! At Least He Works Hard Though. He Tries. Allen tells me “I am 420Single and 420Looking, I am a 420Power Blogger on WordPress, and I am an Activist for Positive Social Change”. Allen also Tells me “I know it’s Against the Law, but I need Two Wives, so that One Could Keep the Other Company when I am Working. I often Work 16-20 hours a day, and Sleep Most of the Rest. I would hate to have only one wife! She would be Always Be Mad at me >Cause I am Working So Much, and never gave her enough time! Heck, three wives would be even better! We’d be a foursome! U3 can have either M or F *Friends with Benefits on the Side* if You want more Adult420XXX Fun ’cause you are not getting enough from me sometimes! Communal Living of Sorts and I’m Outnumbered! in the house with 3 Females! Oh, shit! I’ll Always Get OutVoted! at DecisionTime!! I am the Happiest man Alive! that’s No Lie! Nobody could Ever Dream that they would ever get this far vs. Big Pharma and the Federal Government! Well, WE DID, me, my Collaborative Internet Team, Samantha Adams Dean Garrison, Jim Humble, Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. WE DID It! The Feds would be wise to begin negotiations, and Give Up Without Starting a Fight They Cannot Win! (War Benefits Nobody. Why Start a War that You Can Not Win?) >>>I am in Heaven and I am Not Dead Yet!
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