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Some Interesting Facts and Figures Regarding Healthcare and Energy Costs (10-22-2011)

For a person in the United States today to only be spending only about $2660 on their entire use of oil, coal, and natural gas in 2011 AND at the same time be spending about $8330 on health care… is NUTS!

For a person in the U.S. to be spending *over three times as much” on Medical Care as ALL OIL, COAL, AND NATURAL GAS USE per capita is NUTS!

And for a person in America to be spending over Eight Times! more on health care than they did in 1960 is NUTS too!

For all this “great health care” that we get in the United States, health care that costs over eight times what it did in 1960, one in six children is now considered learning impaired (learning disabled is another term).

Something is really wrong with America when so many children are seriously learning impaired.

And something is really wrong with America when our children as a whole rank so low in educational achievement vs. children in so many other countries.

I blame (1) our corrupt Federal Government, (2) the FDA, (3) Big Food (Monsanto, McDonald’s, General Mills, Coca Cola, etc.), (4) our our mineral depleted soils, (5) our toxic laden environment, (6) chlorinated and fluoridated water, (7) toxic artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and Splenda, (8) our Standard American Diet (S.A.D.), (9) Big Pharma, (10) vaccines, (11) antibiotics, and (12) the hoax of pharmaceutical medicine. (I consider this “The Dirty Dozen”.)

Of all of the parties and issues listed above, I blame the first three and the last four the most.

Who do you blame? And how can we fix all this?

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A Great Article About The Dysfunctional Federal Government In The U.S. I got the following from a Link in a free Very Good Alternative Newsletter that I get—> Published on Thursday, October 17, 2013 by The Guardian And So America’s Skewed Democracy Lurches on Toward Its Next Crisis A … Continue reading

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Google Search Results 4 The Story of Darman Mfg. Company and Genius (10-13-2010)

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It Would Be Wise 4 Allen D And His Heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team 2 Start Using Google 2 “Hangout” With Each Other!

If the video material we COULD create using “Google Hangouts” is “Editable”—> We are certainly going to change the world 4 the better!!! The Only Problem that I see here is that this house I am in is very small. … Continue reading

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An Internet Based Government Readily Grants *The Incredible Benefit* of Flexible and Multiple White Houses All Over America If Not All Over The World (10-12-2013)

The Second White House should perhaps be located in Kansas City MO (or Kansas City KS) for two reasons.

One reason is that Kansas City is not to far away from Witchita KS where the Riordan Clinic is located.

For those of you that are not Familiar with the Riordan Clinic, I suggest that you look at their Website at

Very simply put, conventional drug oriented medicine is the Biggest Hoax in History… and *I know more than anyone else* in the World *How to Straighten this Mess Out.*

The Riordan Clinic would be an Invaluable Asset to me *In Order to Get the Job Done* of converting America’s Medical Industry from *Lies to the Truth.*

The Second Reason that Kansas City makes sense to me as *The Second White House* is that it is a Key Mafia City, just as NYC is.

I need to Closely Collaborate on a Daily Basis with the Mafia in either NYC ir Kansas City In Order to Save this Country (and the World) from Corporate Rule.

My Close Collaboration with the Mafia is *The Only Chance* that America and the World has got. Continue reading

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